To ensure that gamblers are rewarded for their loyalty and spend more money, casinos focus on customer service. As a result, they offer perks to players to motivate them to spend more money. The term “comps” stands for complimentary items, and in the 1970s Las Vegas casinos offered cheap buffetsContinue Reading

While there are no shortage of online gambling options, you should know that not all online casinos are safe. Online gambling is fast becoming the fastest-growing industry in the world, and millions of people take part in it daily. Here are some tips to help you make an informed decisionContinue Reading

Poker is a popular casino card game, which is played with a number of rules. It involves betting, and players place their chips into the pot voluntarily or as a bluff. While chance and psychology play a large role in the outcome of poker games, players also use the principlesContinue Reading

In Las Vegas, Nevada, there are currently 7 gaming market areas. This is a rise in casinos outside the metropolitan area, largely due to Native American gaming. Casinos handle large amounts of currency, and the temptation to cheat or steal is high. Most casinos use security cameras to protect theContinue Reading

In poker, the players place their chips into the pot voluntarily or as a bluff. While chance is a large part of poker, game theory and psychology also play a role in player behavior. For example, when players are bluffing, they may make larger bets than they are actually worth.Continue Reading

When you think about online gambling, you probably do not associate it with fun, excitement, or money. However, you can gamble whenever you want and anywhere you want. Online casinos make most of their revenue from high rollers and other customers who place large bets. As a result, the gamblingContinue Reading

When you play poker, you are competing against other people with the same objective. In each round, players reveal their hands clockwise around the table. The player who begins the process depends on the poker variant you’re playing. The best hand wins! Read on to learn more about poker’s rulesContinue Reading